District 32 - We can do better

I am a candidate for the State Legislature in Annapolis from District 32.  District 32 includes the communities of Linthicum, Ferndale, Glen Burnie, Severn, Jessup, Fort Meade, Maryland City, and Odenton.

For over 30 years, elected officials who say one thing, but then vote the opposite have represented District 32.

In the last election, District 32 voted for Governor Larry Hogan by a large margin. Yet the legislators from District 32 continually vote the opposite of what the District wants. The issues that face our community are too important for politics as usual. District 32 deserves representation that reflects their concerns.

My husband and I live in Linthicum. We have raised 4 daughters, who now have growing families of their own. The pressures they are facing are similar to those Mark and I faced raising our family and managing day-to-day. 

The economic wellbeing of working families is under tremendous pressure.

In the last 30 years, the representatives in District 32 have voted to raise taxes & fees hundreds of times:  higher utility taxes, higher medical fees, higher income taxes, higher tolls, higher taxes on just about everything.

And I am alarmed by the lack of conviction our District 32 leaders have when it comes to protecting our community. They support making our area a sanctuary for illegal immigrants who have been convicted of a crime! They support reducing sentences for convicted felons and they support putting more restrictions on our police. They are undermining the concept of law and order.

I am running for State Delegate because I believe things should and can change. We must reform the way our tax dollars are spent and we must do a better job keeping our communities safe.

Over the next few months, I will be visiting communities and knocking on doors to discuss the campaign and to ask for your vote.

Please do not hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions about my campaign or would like to help me take back Annapolis.

Mark Ewing